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Next.js Development

Mutual uses Next.js to power the frontends of our websites. It provides unparalleled performance whilst boosting security and improving the business performance of the website.

100% score on Google Lighthouse

Better business performance

Modern Next.js websites are much faster than the average website, and that directly equates to real-world business performance gains. Amazon has claimed that if their site took just one second longer to load it would cost them $1.6 billion per year, and Walmart found that for every second they could make their website faster their conversion rates increased 2%.

Our mission is to serve people well, and delivering fast websites is part of that. Many Next sites load in under one second.

Google also uses website speed as a ranking factor, by us building your new website in Next you are more likely to out-perform your competitors.

Reduced cost of ownership

The way that Next generates pages means that you need far less powerful servers to be able to host a website that would scale from 1 to 1 million visits. Unlike traditional websites, a Next site is hosted in the cloud and distributed around the globe for improved uptime and performance. Because of this and other optimisations, our Next websites are some of the fastest in the world and often load in under one second. Click around our own website to get a feel for how fast they are.

Improved security

Websites powered by Next are hosted away from the Content Management System, allowing the CMS and its database to be locked away from public access.

A security fault on a website has been shown to cause considerable brand damage and opens an organisation up to legal challenges, especially with the GDPR legislation. By isolating the public-facing website from the backend, security is far superior.