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Discovery + Design

Our design approach revolves around an intimate understanding of your business and your user's needs. Discovery provides insight and strategy for new projects through research and analysis.

Website discovery process

Strategic insights through discovery

We can only design the right solution once we truly understand the problem. Without data and insight, we can't serve people well.

Discovery helps us collectively build a knowledge of the problems we're trying to solve, who we're solving them for, and what the business impact will be when done right.

This insight and mutual understanding of the project helps us deliver focused, effective, on-budget projects.

Through research, workshops, and testing sessions we'll work with you to challenge assumptions and strategise a route to release version one of the new website and a roadmap for future enhancements.

Iterative and tested design

We don't think design is a 'phase' in a project. It's the connective tissue to all aspects of the project.

There's no place for 'fingers-crossed' design where they only get feedback once they've launched ‒ that's too late.

Our design approach is simple and collaborative. We're all, including you, invited to sketch low-fi versions of possible design solutions. We vote for the ones we think have legs, and then we build working prototypes of them and test them with real users.

We've done this long enough to know that we don't have the right solution first-time every-time, and so we test our ideas and when others have better ideas, we listen.

As projects grow, the design can change. Something that felt great in a prototype might start to feel clunky when it's developed. We iterate on design rather than sticking to a course that may not be working.

When working with us, you'll become a member of the project's design team - not just a passive "signer-off'er".